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Your engineering partner for industrial projects

Flexibility, expertise and quality at your service

Your engineering partner for industrial projects

Flexibility, expertise and quality at your service

My Engineering is
ISO 9001:2015 certified.

From now on, all our partners
are even more guaranteed
to enjoy the benefits of our
quality management system.

My Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
From now on, all our partners are even more guaranteed 
to enjoy the benefits of our quality management system.


The eye of the experts

Perform a full audit of your installation to optimise your plant and be ready for inspection

My Engineering performs system audits according to two criteria:

technical assessment: verification that the system meets the qualitative and quantitative performances (maintainability, capacity, efficiency) ;

regulatory assessment: verification that the system meets all legal requirements.


Reach the project objectives

Lean management ensures on-time and within budget project delivery

Our project managers have acquired a sound technical knowledge and ensure that all customer requirements are met upon the project completion using internationally recognised management tools.

The development of a project plan is critical to define the project objectives and meet the budget and planning requirements.


Get the big picture

Draft your concept and validate the requirements

Starting from a blank page and the client’s requirements, My Engineering develops a preliminary concept to set up the project foundation.

The purpose of the concept design stage is to translate the idea into a concept.  This step contributes to build the customer’s confidence in the viability of the project and allows him to take the necessary strategic decisions.


The plan

Sharpen the project boundaries

The technical plan is taking shape both quantitatively and qualitatively and is entering an extended study phase. 

My engineering defines and lists the systems and installations to define the preliminary budget and planning.


Defining the quality and quantities

Finalise your design

An engineer specialised in his or her discipline creates specifications, quantity take-offs and detailed drawings in order to obtain the most accurate plan and price possible from the companies that will carry out the installation. 

This final design stage sets the quality, quantities, cost and schedule.


Coordination, quality, and safety control

Materialise your plan

My Engineering ensures the follow-up of the project execution, guarantees the quality of the installation and coordinates the security of all the workers and intervening parties on site.


Verify the installation performances

Set the systems into motion

In order to ensure the start of the installations, My Engineering monitors the planning and controls the quality and safety on site. 

The performance of the installation is verified to meet the specifications. 


Meet the regulatory requirements

Reach your quality expectations

We perform qualification activities according to an integrated validation approach:
– Identification of CPP/CQA
– Writing of VMP, VP, URS, SLIA, URS, RA, VSR
– Writing and execution DQ, FAT, SAT, IOQ, PQ


Core values


integrity, responsibility, safety, professionalisme, respect, impact.


the ability to adapt to circumstances, to any possible requests or problems arising during the project.


all the knowledge, skills and experience acquired by the My Engineering's team.


the commitment to provide quality service that meets expectations (ISO 9001:2015 certified)


speed and performance of action


promise off continuous training in order to keep up to date with new technologies.


ensure that employees show altruism and solidarity among themselves.

The founders

With more than 15 years of experience in engineering and project management in the Belgium industry, Giovanni Mantione and Jimmy Vandenbranden decided to found My engineering in 2017. Used to deal with highly demanding environments, their goal is to allow you to reach your objectives in term of cost, schedule and quality for each of your project.

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"I joined My enginnering in 2019. I found a great and family atmosphere there, with a desire for constant development resulting in more and more customer confidence. If I had to define the company in a few words: rigour, professionalism, precision. In an ideal working environment, I also benefited from internal and external continuous training. A varied job that combines design office and on-site work at all stages of the project. Each new project allows me to increase my knowledge in the pharmaceutical/industrial field and to continue my learning"
HVAC Engineer At My Engineering


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